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About The Owners

Here we have a quick bio on our leading couple, and a little dive into their background and what moved them to create that friends house in the heart of the city. 


My name is Victoria and I go by Tori. In fact, the only reason my mom named me Victoria was to make sure I had a more proper name in case I decided to be the first woman president. I grew up all over Colorado. My parents divorced when I was a young age, and I was lucky enough to have separate lives with both of them.  My dad was a poor country boy, who managed to make homes out of nothing all over the state and was an amazing Dad.  He passed away when I was 12 and left me with many lessons.  My mom was the opposite, she stayed in Loveland and didn’t really move anywhere else.  I had a childhood home I loved and stayed there until fifth grade where we moved into a house with my stepdad who I hated. Both the house and my stepdad. I grew up, loving animals, and getting into way too much trouble.  It really seemed like there was no in between, I was either doing something that involved being incredibly gracious and kind and giving back, or doing something incredibly wrong that was getting me in trouble.  Needless to say those crazy drastic lessons made me who I am, and gave me a lot of knowledge and insight on how to move into my adult life.  I always say I barely graduated high school, but that’s because I didn’t have good grades and almost got expelled a couple times.  However, I had some incredible teachers that saw how truly intelligent I really was.  I did graduate, and I moved on to be one of the most successful people that actually went to my school.  I fell into the car industry and became the first female manager, and the youngest manager my employer had ever had.  I’ve now been in the car industry for seven years, and needless to say I’m ready to get out of it.  If there’s one thing I’ve learned working in this corporate environment, it’s that we need to build for ourselves and learn how to create wealth within our own families. I’ve seen both sides of the track, my wealthy, family, and my poor family, and I know there’s a way for all of us to do better.  Now I’m on my journey towards bettering myself, my community, and really learning what reciprocity is.  I’m also soon to be a mother, and my entire perspective on life has shifted.  I’ve learned how much more valuable time is over money, and that you can make your money work for you. I believe in reciprocity, I believe in grace, I believe in passion, I believe in spirituality, and most importantly, I believe in love.  Love is, what’s going to heal us all, and ultimately heal our city. My name is Tori.



Eye am The Divine Prince Conny Th3 Great, cosmic director and healer born and raised in Denver Colorado circa 1998 to Connell sr. And Marva Williams. That is how I ground in this 3rd dimensional paradigm as a singer and social rights enthusiast. Me and my twin brother Lonny grew up in the Park-Hill neighborhood where we attended William Bill Roberts k-8 until arriving at East high school 2014.As a kid I was an athlete, I played Football since the age of 8, and Basketball at 11.  I was also lucky enough to experience Lacrosse in the Inner city playing for Denver city LAX.  These things kept me alive; the gang lifestyle was present, and it constantly knocked at my conscience, however I had a family that had been there and done that which allowed me to focus on my education and sports. I received a 4-year scholarship to play football Western Colorado University in 2017, and it was life changing.  During those 4 years I became a human rights activist.  I led one of the largest marches in Gunnison history down main street to demand justice for melanated beings who have fell victim to police brutality.  I developed a newfound mindset and shortly after led another rally in Crested butte with the help of several human rights groups out there.  Although injury kept me off the field for the majority of my time there, I learned a lot about people as the Director of the Multicultural Center at Western.  This newfound appreciation for all cultures made me realize the healing needed for my evolution was no longer at that university. After having an interesting conversation with the school President, it became obvious to me that the university and its ethics did not align with my moral compass and my spiritual values.  Especially after the atrocity 2020 was it was difficult for me being on that mountain helping a valley with a minority population of 1% and not at home helping the community my family helped build for generations. After telling the school president about his overt racism  and how the state of the university is a reflection of his behavior he resigned and the school expanded tremendously.  I chose however to go home and help heal my city and my family because my work there had been done.  The school increased enrollment of minority students, a female president took the reins and the overall moral and spirit of the valley was uplifted.My mission now is to invoke the same level of change in the heart of Denver.  My soul's purpose is to aid in the ascension process of humanity from the 3rd dimension into the 5th..  My hearts purpose is to fulfill that mission through the redevelopment of The 5 points which was formally known as the Harlem of the west.  My family helped build that town and it is my duty to honor them through my music, through my ministry, and through Love.  We are all light beings having a human experience and it is my life's path to cultivate a culture that allows for people like me to express themselves and free their inner child making the world a better place one Human at a time. Eye am The Divine Prince Conny Th3 Great, the human vessel known as Connell Jerome Maxwell Acker Jr.

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