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Our Mission

Our mission at ‘That Friends House’ is simple. It’s to create a space that feels just like what the name says, ‘That Friends House.’ We all had that one place or that one friend’s house that we would go to where we could get that one home-cooked meal, that conversation we needed, that hug, that space, that drink, whatever it might be. TFH is the space where you can do just that, and more. We found a space in the heart of the city where we can build and create something bigger than ourselves. Here at ‘That Friends House’ our vision is to have a centralized meeting place for the Soul Tribe to express their inner child.

The inner city of Denver, especially the 5 points, has been known as a historical district created out of the renaissance in the early 1900s. The 5 points was considered the Harlem of the west and many melanated creatives came from around the country to create art at the base of the Rockies. We are big on culture and envision 2150 Curtis as the first step in undoing the blasphemy created by gentrification and the renaming of the district to the RiNo district. ‘That Friend’s House’ will provide the city with a place that not only encompasses the heart and soul of Denver, but stands as a reminder of the renaissance happening today. Through the law of attraction and quantum entanglement we have manifested the ability to present this vision to our Soul Tribe and heal humanity through unity in the community. The love and healing energy poured into the business and building will be felt on a quantum level and produce massive waves of healing within our 3rd dimensional paradigm. What does that look like? An interracial couple owning a business in a historically black owned neighborhood, now gentrified, showing love to all of humanity through music, crystals, family, love, and a whole lot more. A paradigm shift the world is ready for!

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Right now you have a chance to become a huge part of what we are building! We are currently looking for donors to help in the journey towards purchasing what we need to make the business flow abundantly. All donations are welcomed and we are hoping you choose to embark on this journey with us. Not only is this a calling to those who have the means to give, but a call to our soul tribe to unite and wake up, because we are on the way home, and theirs no time like now.

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