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Introducing TFH's exclusive workspaces in downtown Denver! Elevate your work experience with premium amenities and 'The Focus' package, offering exceptional lattes, milk teas, and more. Secure your spot now for productivity in the heart of the city!


What We Offer

Located at @thatfriendshouse, Denver's favorite private event space, these exclusive workspaces offer a unique opportunity for professionals seeking a premium working environment. Accessible Monday through Thursday from 6AM to 6PM, membership includes a range of amenities to enhance productivity. For an additional fee, indulge in 'The Focus' package, featuring exceptional lattes, milk teas, and daily treats. 


Membership pricing starts at $222 per person per month, with an additional option of $222 per person per month for 'The Focus' package, offering savings on beverages. This package is limited to 33 drinks. The Focus package, can be re-purchased prior to your monthly membership fee. Drinks can be bought per drink if preferred. Drinks are $8 for a 16 ounce coffee or tea. You save almost $2 per drink by purchasing the 'Focus package. Secure your spot now and elevate your work experience in the heart of downtown Denver! Contact us via DM, text, call, or email to reserve your workspace today.

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